About Rima Abou Mrad

Rima ARima Abou Mradbou Mrad holds a bachelor’s degree in Law from Saint Joseph University in Lebanon and an LL.M. (Master) degree in Corporate and Finance Law from Wayne State University in Michigan. She speaks English, French, and Arabic, and has a basic knowledge of Spanish.  She is currently pursuing a 2nd Master in Conflict Resolution, Mediation and Non-Violent Education and is planning to pursue a doctorate in law.

Rima is very involved in the community.  She joined the Rotaract Club of Beirut in 2004 and organized many community projects on the national and international level as well as professional development sessions and fundraising events for this club. In 2006, she was awarded “2006-2007 Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship” in order to promote international understanding, Rotary District 2450 and earn a Master of Law in the U.S. During her stay in North America, she gave 50-plus presentations about Lebanon in order to promote international understanding. Rima was the President of the Rotaract Club of Beirut during the Rotary Year 2011-12.

In addition to her involvement with Rotary, she was a volunteer with Injaz Lebanon (a chapter of Junior Achievement International) between 2004 and 2011. She is a founding member of Pro-Toast Club (Toastmasters) and its 2011-12 Vice-President of Public Relations.

After receiving her LL.M. degree in Corporate and Finance Law and working as a law clerk at the Wayne County Corporation Counsel, in Detroit, Michigan, Rima returned to Lebanon. She worked as Head of PR, Communication and Marketing for Swan Group Holding. She also started giving various trainings about leadership, communication, non-violence, conflict resolution, mediation, social media and entrepreneurship. She is currently an Associate at Aziz Torbey Law Firm.

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  1. Fadi Kiameh says:

    Hi Rima,
    My name is Fadi Kiameh and I am a member of Richmond Hill Toastmasters Club in Toronto, Canada.
    I have read about you in the most recent Toastmasters magazine and I was impressed about your pride in your Lebanese background. I decided to take a look at your web site and send you this compliment.
    Keep up your good achievement and you are true about the “Toastmasters ” is a great club to join.

    • rimaaboumrad says:

      Hi Fadi,

      Nice meeting you :-). Thank you for kind words and encouragements. And yes Toastmasters is a great club to join! It is great experience that each one of us should try!


    • rimaaboumrad says:

      One more thing Fadi, If you ever come to Lebanon, please let me know so I introduce you to a Toastmasters club here.

      Have a great weekend!

      • Fadi Kiameh says:

        Hi Rima,
        I would like to thank you for your support and giving us the opportunity to explore the Toastmasters Clubs in Lebanon.
        I wish that I have received your invite a few months earlier this year, then I would have contacted you during my stay in Lebanon (July & August -2012).
        Also, that apply to you as well, whenever you decide to visit Toronto, Canada, please let me know ahead of time and we will be privileged to have you as a guest speaker in our Richmond Toastmasters Club 1963 as I have acted as Treasure.

  2. Nasr says:

    I ‘am glad to read about you in Taostmaster magazine of octobre :).
    I’am member of Toastmaster since 2005 , and live in Paris
    Jean NASR

  3. Harry Ansara says:

    Hello Rima,

    I came across your name and story in the October issue of the Toastmaster magazine and I just had to write to you for the following reasons.

    My name is Harry Ansara, a second generation Canadian of Lebanese descent. I was born in the province of Quebec; my late father came to Canada from Khiam, Marjayoun in 1926. My mother was born in Lansing, Michigan, her father from Deir Mimas and her mother from Jdeide, Marjayoun. My wife is from Kahale, close to Aley.

    I have been a Toastmaster since 1993, achieving my DTM in 2008. It is such a pleasure for me to see another Lebanese individual in Toastmasters and so active as well. Congratulations! Well done.

    Your last name caught my eyes well as I have good friends from the Aboumrad family from Wadi Sharour. His name is Naaman Aboumrad, son of the late Nicholas and Helen Aboumrad. Any relation?

    I congratulate you as well on your academic achievements. Be proud of what you have accomplished. I’ve included my TM Bio to get a better idea of who I am. Take care and please feel free to write.

    Yours truly,

    Harry Ansara, DTM

    • rimaaboumrad says:

      Hi Harry,

      Nice meeting you :-). Thank you for your message. Did you ever have the chance to visit Lebanon? If not, please do not miss this chance. Lebanon is really a beautiful country. I would also love to introduce you to few of our Toastmasters clubs here if you come to visit.

      I am from Karoun not Wadi Chahrour. We know lots of Aboumrad from Wadi Shahrour however I personally do not know Naaman, Nicholas and Helen…

      P.S. I was not able to see your TM Bio. Can you send to rimaaboumrad@gmail.com ?

      Best wishes,
      Rima Abou Mrad

  4. Fadi Kiameh says:

    Hi Rima and Harry,
    Truly this is beautifull coincedence. Eventhough I know Harry for a long time in Toronto, I did not know that he is “Toastmaster” and DTM as well, congratulation Harry well done.
    You see Rima, you are bringing toastmasters together all over the world.
    Best Regards,

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